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Freelance Client / 2015


Branding & website design 
for startup company that coordinates gap year job shadow programs


branding design story

CLIENT : Andrea Wien, entrepreneur with a grand vision for how to create a more organized platform for students who are choosing a gap year between high school and college to connect with businesses that provide job shadow programs.

CHALLENGE : To create a brand look and feel that appeals to students yet feels approachable to businesses and parents. Descriptive words given were : fresh, youthful, playful, bright, simple, and bold. 



Athens (city of independence that laid the foundation for western civilization) and Avenue (a way of approaching a problem or making progress toward something).
With this info I created the following logo comps...


Logos comps


selected logo

It took 3 rounds and  over 50 logo options but finally the client found an option she liked, which inspired a new name : "Aviator" and the new icon would be a paper airplane.


In the change to Aviator the client wanted to alter the compus arrow to resemble a paper air plane and add a tagline. Here are the options the client was given.

Color options given. The client chose last option.

Final Logo & Color Palette

Website Design


Keeping with the logo, we wanted the website to be clean, simple and playful yet sophisticated. We used squarespace as our platform since the client wanted access to changing it herself in the future. It can be found at


We felt that strong use of icons would help readers engage with the ideas being presented and the bulk of info needing to be communicated quickly and simply, so we chose icons carefully and created custom icons for the 3 clientele categories (student, parent, businesses) in a style that matched the logo mark follow those categories wherever mentioned throughout the site.